Quintrex 570 Freedom Cruiser

We’ve had this little Quintrex Freedom Cruiser in the Throttle Downunder stables for coming on about 5 years now.

It has been a great little boat, used primarily on Sydney Harbour but it has the convenience to be easily towed anywhere that you want to go. We have frequently towed it to the NSW South Coast and used on Jervis Bay.


Powered by a 135 Horse Power Mercruiser sterndrive, it really belts along quick and easy in smooth water. However in the common Sydney Harbour and Jervis Bay afternoon chop is does become uncomfortable. At no stage does it ever feel unsafe, but watching a fiberglass equivalent boat roar past on the way home with greater ease is a little frustrating.


Being Alloy though does have its advantages. Allow boats make it possible to beach your boat with greater peace of mind, also trailer recovery is a breeze and it is much lighter to tow than it’s fibreglass equivalent.

Passing beneath the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House makes you really appreciate what it means to be a boatie. In Australia we are so lucky to be able to visit vast and remarkable places with a boat and to have such wonderful experiences. The Quintrex freedom Cruiser can take you anywhere there is water.

Sydney Harbour has so many little coves to anchor and swim but out favorite is almost always Store Beach over near Manly. A lovely deep water bay but safe for swimming and exploring the bushland behind bhind the beach, infact I have been coming to this beach since I was about 4 years old on our family boat.

Then when it’s time to head home the Quinnie is easy to recover on the trailer, fasten down and hit the road.



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