Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 (You can drive one too)

Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4

Driving this car literally changed my life.

I can now segment my life between before the Lambo, to after the Lambo.

The feeling of acceleration in the Lamborghini Huracan is unrivaled in any other car I have driven.

Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4

The way this V10 engine and All Wheel Drive traction puts down powere, seems to defy gravity.

Prancing Horse Drive Experiences offer day events where you can drive these machines and enjoy great food and good chat as well.

Watch the video here 

Check out the full stats of the Huracan here;
Lamborghini Huracan – Prancing Horse Drive Experience

Along with the day, there is also an accomplished photographer that spends the day taking amazing photos for your memories, his name is Erik Rosenberg and can be found below;
Erik Rosenberg Photography

Author: Rob Charlwood

Triumph launches the new Bobber Black and Speedmaster

I was so excited to be invited to the Triumph Australia launch of the all new Triumoh Bobber Black and the Triumph Speedmaster.

Both built with the same 1200cc engine, there all new Triumphs have Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles in there cross hairs.

This launch party was held in Sydney at the Wayward Brewery Co and delicious beers and burgers flowed all night.

Amongst the hundreds of guests some noticeable ones were Charley Boorman of “The Long Way Down” fame, Mark Hawwa, the founder of “The Distinguised Gentlemans Ride”and John “Roothy” Rooth.

Author: Rob Charlwood

Watch Video here⇓⇓⇓

Check out the Triumph Bobber Black here

Check out the Triumph Speedmaster here.

V8 Supercar Racecar drive day

It’s Sunday morning, and while everyone is still sleeping off hangovers, this week I’m fuelling myself with a strong coffee and heading out to Sydney Motorsport Park to Drive some V8 Supercars.

Sydney Motorsport Park SMSP is located just off the M4 in Western Sydney, and is the some to Sydney Drag way, Eastern Creek Go Karts, 4WD training, a Skid Pan and of course the racing track.

Watch Video here >>>

Once checking in, we were taken into Suite 9 to attend a complete driver briefing for our session. Essentially safety was the most important topic, along with just driving within your abilities and to totally trust your instructor that will be with us on the drive.

Once that was down it was time to suit up, and somehow get this overweight middle-aged body into the car.

This was my first time on a track and my goal for the day was to learn as much as I could from the instructor in the short 8 laps that I had. As this was my first time, I was getting overtaken by faster drivers, and during this time the instructor told me what part of the road to get on and held the wheel to make sure no mistakes were made.

Toshiba V8 racecar

The instructor encouraged me to concentrate on smooth fluid techniques rather than overall speed, and I feel that I learnt as much as I could in the small amount of time. By lap 5 through to 8 I really felt a good flow and lap times improved a lot.

Once my 8 laps were done as a driver, it was time for me to jump in “Hollywood” George’s car, and have him take me on a 3-lap sprint as a passenger. Cleary the pace was so much faster than mine, and it was great to see the small things I learnt, actually be put into practice at super high speeds.


All in all, the day was a great experience at Fastrack V8 Racecar Experience and I would highly recommend it to others, and I would love to do it again some time soon. I was just a little disappointed at some of the in car footage being shot through a camera with a cracked lens, but other than that, a great experience.

Fastrack V8 Racecar Experience

Supercar Drive day with Prancing Horse

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to join a drive day that allowed us to drive some of the best Supercars available in Australia. This drive day was hosted by a company called Prancing Horse Drive Experiences, and they host similar drive days in different locations around the country.

>>Watch the Video here <<<

This particular one started in Kiama on the New South Wales South Coast, less than 2 hours south of Sydney.

Meeting at the Penny Whistler Cafe next to The Sebel Kiama, we sat through a drivers briefing whilst sipping on a coffee, and then walked up the stairs to meet out cars.


Sitting in the beautiful grounds of the Sebel Kiama, were our 5 amazing supercars.

We had a stunning red Ferrari 488 GTB, a dazzling white Lamborghini Huracan, a dark and sinister McLaren 650 S, a firey red Alpha Romeo 4C and the magnificant Godzilla, a Nissan GT-R.

Our first car of the day was the McLaren 650S, and what a car to start with. The McLaren was sophisticated, classy and super quick. For those of you that know Macquarie Pass, these tights turns were not match for the handling of the british supercar.

Prancing horse

After about an hour we stopped for morning tea at the Robertson Cheese Factory before jumping into the Ferrari 488 GTB. The Ferrari was everything you’d expect from the iconic Italian brand. Winding our way around the empty, twisting roads of the south coast, there is no way I could’ve had more fun.

Prancing horse

A brief stop on the side of the road to climb into the Nissan GT-R and unleash the raw, all wheel drive power.

Prancing Horse

By this time we had worked up a great appetite so it was off to Gerroa for lunch at the Blue Swimmer Cafe.

After a delicious lunch it was time for the BEAST…….the Lamborghini Huracan. Pure unadulterated V10 fun. I simply can’t compare this to anything I have ever driven before. Watch the video, you’ll see haha.

Prancing horse

Then finishing off with the baby of the pack, the Alfa Romeo 4C. Half to engine size than many of the others, but still so quick and precise.

Prancing Horse

This drive day is easily one of the greatest things I have done, if you are a car lover, or you know someone that is, book a drive day with Prancing Horse. You won’t regret it!!!

Still photography by the very talented Erik Rosenberg

Hamilton Island Air – Heart Reef and Whitehaven


On a recent trip to Hamilton Island we were lucky enough to be able to go for a helicopter flight with Hamilton Island Air out to the Reef and Whitehaven Beach. The amazing staff at Hamilton Island Air were able to reschedule our flights due to poor weather, and we finally got a nice day.

We were picked up by a private van from the resort and on the drive to the airport, we watched the safety briefing so once on the tarmac it was all go.

Once we were in the air the views were just sensational. As we gained altitude off the left was Dent Island, and you can see the road heading up to a world class Golf Course and restaurant that offer daily lunch with a short boat ride from the Marina.

The higher we climbed the view just got better and better, along with aircraft passing below us bringing in more holiday makers on approach to Hamilton Island Airport.

Travelling at an average speed of 200km/h, this little “Robinson 44” took us over some beautiful Whitsunday Islands, across approximately 70km of ocean, out to Reef World and the world famous “Heart Reef”.


Once at Reef world, you can see the long and deep, natural channel that passes between 2 reefs. This is perfect to allow for the large Reef boats bringing out hoards or sight see ers, to be able to come and moor close enough to the reef to allow everyone to safely view and snorkel the reef, but without compromising the health and safety of the precious coral.

There is not many more iconic reefs than this one, Heart Reef appears in almost every brochure of Australia worldwide, and you can see why. This magnificent reef in the shape of a heart, is absolutely breathtaking as we circle around it.


Leaving the reef behind we cross over a busy shipping channel enroute to Whitehaven Beach where we will have an hour to picnic and explore.

Our very skillful pilot landed us safely on Whitehaven beach, and whilst we were grabbing some photos he set up a picnic rug and a sun shade, and then wandered off to leave us alone with our picnic, bottle of bubbles and the beautiful beach.

Departing Whitehaven Beach, you can see the damage the tropical cyclone Debbie created not long ago. The vegetation is still recovering, as is many of the East facing buildings on Hamilton Island itself. But even though the Island is still recovering, you wouldn’t know it on the island, with the amazing amenities and great restaurants and bars.

Heading back to base, we fly past the Reef View Resort that we are staying in, and get a completely different perspective of the view.

Passing the secluded and luxurious “Qualia” and behind that on the hill it “One Tree Hill” which is perfect for a hike, of catch a bus there for a cheeky glass of wine watching a sunset.

Finally, the Yacht Club and Marina as we descend back to real life again.

I’d like to thank Hamilton Island Air for having us, and for all the staff of Hamilton Island Air, from the booking staff right through to the Pilot, it was a superb morning, and the perfect way to end our holiday. 


Throttle Roll Sydney

A few years ago I was searching for more information on customizing motorcycles and trying to find a support group to bounce ideas off regarding repairs and builds. I stumbled across a group of riders in Sydney called Sydney Cafe Racers (SCR).

These men and women build, modify and ride classic styled bikes. Bobbers, cafe racers, trackers and choppers. Sydney Cafe Racers SCR, created by Mark Hawwa, have grown quite substantially over the year’s, and have done some phenomenal things for the custom motorcycle crowd, and more importantly for charity worldwide.

One of the major events that Mark Hawwa and his team have achieved is an annual Distinguished Gentlemans Ride DGR. DGR started local but quickly spread across the planet where many cities worldwide run DGR on the same day each year, showcasing some of the best classic, classic styled, or custom motorcycles you’ll ever see. Top this off with all riders required to dress “dapper” it’s  a sight to see. Not only is this an amazing event, but it also raises a huge amount money and awareness for research to prevent prostrate cancer and more recently Movember.

Mark Hawwas other great achievement with Sydney Cafe Racers SCR an event called Throttle Roll, where they hold a street party with their amazing motorcycles on display, great food truck’s, some booze bars and some kicking bands.

This year Throtle Roll was held in Marrickville on Easter Saturday. The crowds were strong,  the bikes were legendary and food cooking left us salivating to eat as much as humanly possible.

This network that Mark Hawwa and the team at SCR has built was the exact reason I wanted to start Sydney Coupes and Roadsters, to grow a group of like-minded, passionate car enthusiasts, that want to get together, share stories  and advice and go for social drive togethers.

If you are into custom motorcycles as well as cars, be sure to head over to Sydney Cafe Racers SCR and Throttle Roll and get involved with these legends, as well as supporting their fundraising efforts using Distinguished Gentlemans Ride DGR.

Inaugural Good Friday Royal National Park drive

On Good Friday this year we ran our first SCAR (Sydney Coupes and Roadsters) drive through the Royal National Park.

I set up the SCAR social driving group to allow many people with similar passions and similar cars to get together for drives, a laugh and coffee or drinks.

This run, it was just myself in my 2003  Madza MX-5 roadster and Daz in his BMW Z4M coupe.

Heading south through the park was quite a slow trip being a public holiday, loads of cyclists and learner drivers and the odd Highway Patrol….but after a coffee and a bite to eat at the Bald Hill lookout, heading north was a relatively clear run carving through the twisties driving our cars the way they were designed to be driven.

This was the first of many drives so keep in touch with us for more information.

There is no fee to be a part of SCAR, the only requirement is to have a car passion, a good attitude and not be a dickhead when driving. We love spirited driving but it’s not cool to put others safety at risk.


Rat Rods and Throttle Roll

Travelling through the USA gave us a look at some really amazing cars, and although I really love a shiny, polished car, I’m so excited about the Rat Rod trend both in Cars and Motorcycles.

For those of you that don’t know what  Rat Rod is, it’s where customizers are modifying cars, hot rods and motorbikes so look rusty, raw and old.

This Rad Rod was simply a sign for a local business, but to see one of these rumbling down the road really gets me excited.

More commonly in Sydney, we see this done to motor bikes, and there is an amazing group of local bike builders and customizers that I follow on Facebook called Sydney Cafe Racers (SCR), doing some really cool things.

Check out Sydney Cafe Racers SCR  on Facebook here

Sydney Cafe Racers SCR also run an annual event called Throttleroll that puts these magnificent bikes on show for all to see, but also offers great food, booze and music, and a whole lot of fun.

ThrottleRoll is on this Easter Saturday so time is running out to get tickets, go to Throttle Roll to book and have a great time. DON’T MISS IT!!



AC Cobra Dream Car

On a recent trip to the USA with my wife for a vacation, I was lucky enough to see many amazing motor cars. It seems that America has a great number of enthusiasts and an affordability of sports cars for the masses.

Some cars that are simply out of reach financially for Australians, are common in America.

Obviously  the American built muscle cars are a dime a dozen and many of them are also rental cars  for tourists.

The Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang and the Corvette are some of these cars.

But one car stands alone to  me, and seemed  rare in the USA as well. That  is the AC Cobra.

It doesn’t  matter how many super cars I see, and modern sports cars, there is nothing like  the curves, the simplicity and the horsepower of a Cobra. Those leg pipes that emit the beautiful  rumble of the V8 motor…..I get excited just thinking about it. Haha

You can have all the drive settings in a modern car, automated  transmissions with paddle controls, and rocket ship like capabilities……put me in a Manual AC Cobra anyday and I will be the happiest man alive.

One day my dream will come true, and a AC Cobra will be in the Sydney Coupes and Roadsters garage, I’d  even settle  for a replica….until then I  will keep dreaming and admiring them as they pass.



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