MX5 love affair

Last year after closing down my business and going back to  a “real job” I suddenly had some spare cash and a whole  lot of spare time. So I decided I needed to get myself a mid life crisis project.

I had 2 choices……a Harley or an MX5. I chose the MX5 so my wife could spend more time with me.

So after buying this little Mazda MX 5, I absolutely fell in love with it, and this style of motoring. The light weight body, the nimbleness in the corners, reminded me of driving Go-carts when I was young. Although I was having a ball, I was disappointed in the lack of horsepower that these little Roadsters had, so I researched Superchargers, Turbo chargers, and anything else that will make it go quicker. But by the time I have all the information together, I came to the conclusion that for my usage of the MX 5, I simply don’t need more power. It i capable of doing everything I want it to do. And I love it.

I joined the MX 5 club of NSW and have enjoyed drives with them, but many of my friends own Coupes and other sports cars, so this I decided to form Sydney Coupes and Roadsters (SCAR), so there is the ability for a broader group of cars to be able to drive with us.

SCAR is simply a social group of car enthusiasts that get together, go for drives, grab some food and have a laugh.

If you have a Coupe, or a Roadster or Sports car, please contact us, find us on Facebook and Instagram, and come driving with us.





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