AC Cobra Dream Car

On a recent trip to the USA with my wife for a vacation, I was lucky enough to see many amazing motor cars. It seems that America has a great number of enthusiasts and an affordability of sports cars for the masses.

Some cars that are simply out of reach financially for Australians, are common in America.

Obviously  the American built muscle cars are a dime a dozen and many of them are also rental cars  for tourists.

The Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang and the Corvette are some of these cars.

But one car stands alone to  me, and seemed  rare in the USA as well. That  is the AC Cobra.

It doesn’t  matter how many super cars I see, and modern sports cars, there is nothing like  the curves, the simplicity and the horsepower of a Cobra. Those leg pipes that emit the beautiful  rumble of the V8 motor…..I get excited just thinking about it. Haha

You can have all the drive settings in a modern car, automated  transmissions with paddle controls, and rocket ship like capabilities……put me in a Manual AC Cobra anyday and I will be the happiest man alive.

One day my dream will come true, and a AC Cobra will be in the Sydney Coupes and Roadsters garage, I’d  even settle  for a replica….until then I  will keep dreaming and admiring them as they pass.



Sydney Coupes and Roadsters

Welcome to the first post from SCAR.


We are a social driving group that are passionate about Coupes and Roadsters. Based in Sydney, we run regular social drives and events.

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MX5 love affair

Last year after closing down my business and going back to  a “real job” I suddenly had some spare cash and a whole  lot of spare time. So I decided I needed to get myself a mid life crisis project.

I had 2 choices……a Harley or an MX5. I chose the MX5 so my wife could spend more time with me.

So after buying this little Mazda MX 5, I absolutely fell in love with it, and this style of motoring. The light weight body, the nimbleness in the corners, reminded me of driving Go-carts when I was young. Although I was having a ball, I was disappointed in the lack of horsepower that these little Roadsters had, so I researched Superchargers, Turbo chargers, and anything else that will make it go quicker. But by the time I have all the information together, I came to the conclusion that for my usage of the MX 5, I simply don’t need more power. It i capable of doing everything I want it to do. And I love it.

I joined the MX 5 club of NSW and have enjoyed drives with them, but many of my friends own Coupes and other sports cars, so this I decided to form Sydney Coupes and Roadsters (SCAR), so there is the ability for a broader group of cars to be able to drive with us.

SCAR is simply a social group of car enthusiasts that get together, go for drives, grab some food and have a laugh.

If you have a Coupe, or a Roadster or Sports car, please contact us, find us on Facebook and Instagram, and come driving with us.





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