“More Roads to Harley-Davidson” Includes New Products in Additional Motorcycle Segments, Broader Access and Commitment to Strengthen Dealers
MILWAUKEE (July 30, 2018) – To inspire even more people around the world to experience the exhilaration of riding a motorcycle, Harley-Davidson today shared details of its “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” growth plan through 2022.

In a fast-changing world with new consumer demands, these accelerated actions support Harley-Davidson’s 2027 objectives with increased focus and strategic investment to reinvigorate the U.S. business while accelerating the pace of international growth.

“The bold actions we are announcing today leverage Harley-Davidson’s vast capabilities and competitive firepower – our excellence in product development and manufacturing, the global appeal of the brand and of course, our great dealer network,” said Matt Levatich, president and chief executive officer, Harley-Davidson, Inc. “Alongside our existing loyal riders, we will lead the next revolution of two-wheeled freedom to inspire future riders who have yet to even think about the thrill of riding.”

The result of a comprehensive, top-to-bottom assessment incorporating a “customer first” perspective, the More Roads to Harley-Davidson plan includes:

  • New Products – keep current riders engaged and inspire new riders by extending heavyweight leadership and unlocking new markets and segments
  • Broader Access – meet customers where they are and how they want to engage with a multi-channel retail experience
  • Stronger Dealers – drive a performance framework to improve dealer financial strength and the Harley-Davidson customer experience

 “We expect this plan will result in an engaged, expanded Harley-Davidson community with a more diverse rider base, along with industry-leading margins and cash flow,” said Levatich.

New Products

Leveraging its industry-leading design and strong manufacturing capabilities, Harley-Davidson plans to offer its most comprehensive lineup of motorcycles, competing in many of the largest and fastest growing segments with a full portfolio of motorcycles across a broad spectrum of price points, power sources, displacements, riding styles and global markets. Highlights include:

  • Extending the company’s leadership in heavyweight motorcycles by continuing to develop improved, more technologically-advanced Touring and Cruiser motorcycles that will keep existing Harley-Davidson riders engaged and riding longer.


  • Introducing a new modular 500cc to 1250cc middleweight platform of motorcycles that spans three distinct product spaces and four displacements, starting with the company’s first Adventure Touring motorcycle, the Harley-Davidson™ Pan America™ 1250, a 1250cc Custom model and a 975cc Streetfighter model, all of which are planned to launch beginning in 2020. Additional models to broaden coverage in these product spaces will follow through 2022.


  • Developing a more accessible, small-displacement (250cc to 500cc) motorcycle for Asia emerging markets through a planned strategic alliance with a manufacturer in Asia. This new product and broader distribution is intended to fuel Harley-Davidson’s customer access and growth in India, one of the largest, fastest growing markets in the world, and other Asia markets.


  • Leading the electric motorcycle market by launching Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle, LiveWire, in 2019 — the first in a broad, no-clutch “twist and go” portfolio of electric two-wheelers designed to establish the company as the leader in the electrification of the sport. LiveWire will be followed by additional models through 2022 to broaden the portfolio with lighter, smaller and even more accessible product options to inspire new riders with new ways to ride.

Broader Access

Harley-Davidson will advance its market delivery approach and meet today’s customer needs by:

  • Creating high-engagement customer experiences across all retail channels – including improving and expanding the company’s global digital capabilities by evolving the Harley-Davidson.com experience to integrate with and enhance the dealership retail experience for existing and new customers.


  • Establishing strategic alliances with global leading e-commerce providers to extend access to Harley-Davidson to a pool of millions of potential new customers.


  • New retail formats — including smaller, urban storefronts globally to expose the brand to urban populations and drive sales of the expanded Harley-Davidson product portfolio and expand international apparel distribution.




Stronger Dealers

Harley-Davidson’s world-class dealer network is an integral part of the company’s accelerated strategy and critical to overall success. The company will implement a performance framework to significantly enhance the strength of the dealer network and the customer experience, enabling the best-performing and most entrepreneurial dealers to drive innovation and success for themselves and Harley-Davidson — while providing the premium customer experience the brand is known for across an increasingly diverse product and customer base.


“Harley-Davidson is iconic because we’ve never been static,” said Levatich. “In moving forward, we are tapping into the spirit that drove our founders back in 1903 and every one of the employees and dealers who rose to the challenges faced along the way.  Our plan will redefine existing boundaries of our brand – reaching more customers in a way that reinforces all we stand for as a brand and as a company and we can’t wait to kick it into gear.”



Harley-Davidson 2018 Softail range

Have Harley-Davidson lost their mind??

Will stopping production of the famous and popular Dyna models cause Harley-Davidson to self-destruct?

Let’s take a look…………..watch video here……


In August this year Harley-Davidson announced a Revolution in their Big Twin model range.

They announced eight brand new Softails ready for 2018. These Softails will be brand new Fat Boy,® Heritage Classic, Low Rider,® Softail Slim,® Deluxe, Breakout,® Fat Bob® and Street Bob® motorcycles.

They will be powered by the new Milwaukee-Eight 107, with a 114 option on the Fat Bob, Fat Boy, Breakout and Heritage Classic.

Milwaukee-Eight™ 107  (107 CID; 1745cc) this is Standard across the whole model rangeIt boasts Up to 16% quicker acceleration than the High Output Twin Cam 103

The optional Milwaukee-Eight™ 114  (114 CID; 1868cc)  has up to 13% faster acceleration than the Milwaukee-Eight 107 with Standard ABS


This is the largest product development that Harley-Davidson has undertaken in its companies 115-year history.

These new models are boasting to be lighter, more powerful and with a greater agility and better handling than any of their Big Twins that have come before.

This would have been a risky decision for the folks at Harley-Davidson as their followers and fans are possibly the most committed motoring fans on the planet. There aren’t many motoring companies that have had as many of their logos tattooed on the human body as Harley-Davidson has had.

So, to completely change what has so much tradition and success, into something new, is a super high risk.

But personally, I think they have nailed it.

In my opinion these new models are uniquely Harley-Davidson, but finally bought into the modern era.

I have been a Harley fan since I could walk and talk, and my Father used to ride a Harley. And I will always LOVE the classic styled bikes no matter what, but at my age, comfort, safety, reliability and performance are exactly what these new models encompass.

Well Done Harley-Davidson, I think you have re-written the future, and I can’t wait to throw my leg over any of these for a full review in the near future.

Fat Boy®

The legendary Fat Boy motorcycle that defined contemporary custom style for decades has
outdone itself. Ripped and refined satin-chrome finishes deliver a bold, muscular styling
statement showing off its powerful engine and new and improved ride and handling.
• Aggressive, steamroller stance and front end design
– Modern-day interpretation of the classic headlight nacelle
– A 160mm front tyre, the widest-ever on a Harley-Davidson production model,
wraps the solid Lakester front wheel
• 16kg weight reduction to previous model
• Standard ABS
• 240mm rear tyre with solid Lakester rear wheel
• Optional: Milwaukee-Eight 114 Engine
• Priced from $30,995 AUD and $32,495 rideaway.

2018 Fat Boy Milwaukee-Eight
2018 Fat Boy Milwaukee-Eight

Heritage Classic
Design cues evoke the blacked-out styling of vintage 1950s Harley-Davidson models,
updated with a modern edge.
• New detachable windscreen
• New rigid, lockable, sealed, water-resistant saddlebags
• Taller suspension with increased passenger and cargo payload capacity
• 17kg weight reduction to previous model
• Optional: Milwaukee-Eight 114 Engine
• Standard cruise control and ABS
• Priced from $31,750 AUD and $33,250 NZD rideaway.

2018 Heritage_Classic Milwaukee-Eight
2018 Heritage Classic Milwaukee-Eight

Low Rider®
Inspired by the individualism of the ‘70s custom chopper era that birthed the original, the
new Low Rider is lighter and faster with corner-carving handling unimaginable back in the
• Throwback-style dual tank-mount speedo and tachometer gauges, headlight visor
and fuel tank graphics
• 19-inch front and 16-inch rear Radiate cast wheels
• 2-into-2 Shotgun exhaust
• Priced from $24,250 AUD and $25,495 NZD rideaway.

2018 Low Rider Milwaukee-Eight
2018 Low Rider Milwaukee-Eight

Softail Slim®
Stripped to its essential elements, the Slim pays homage to post-war custom bobbers with a
narrow rear end, trimmed front fender, solo seat and minimal chrome.
• Dark finishes adorn the laced wheels, Hollywood handlebar, and all-new front-end
• Low-slung tuck and roll seat
• Bold and smooth new front nacelle and fork cover styling
• 17kg weight reduction to previous model
• Priced from $26,250 AUD and $27,250 NZD rideaway.

2018 Softail Slim Milwaukee-Eight
2018 Softail Slim Milwaukee-Eight

A classic hi-line showstopper that stands out on any street, the Deluxe glistens with bright
chrome while delivering the ride of a seriously modern machine.
• Signature all-LED lighting from front to back: headlight, Tombstone taillight and
blade-like turn signals
• Signature pull-back handlebar
• 17kg weight reduction to previous model
• Priced from $29,495 AUD and $30,995 NZD rideaway.

2018 Deluxe Milwaukee-Eight
2018 Deluxe Milwaukee-Eight

With more lean angle and agility than ever imagined in a bike carrying so much dragster
attitude and style, the Breakout model takes long, lean muscle to a modern edge.
• New smooth-top 13.2 litre fuel tank
• Long and wide with low-slung raked out 49mm front forks
• 18-inch rear (240mm tyre) and 21-inch front (130mm tyre) Gasser-style gloss-black
powder coated cast aluminium wheels
• Distinctive Daymaker Signature LED headlamp
• Low-profile riser-mounted digital instrument screen
• 17kg weight reduction to previous model
• Optional: Milwaukee-Eight 114 Engine
• Priced from $31,250 AUD and $32,750 NZD rideaway.

2018 Breakout Milwaukee-Eight
2018 Breakout Milwaukee-Eight

Fat Bob®
Tarmac-eating traction, pothole-devouring suspension, agile cornering and a blacked-out
take-no-prisoners look make the Fat Bob a groundbreaking motorcycle that could only come
from Harley-Davidson.
• 2-1-2 upswept performance exhaust with a custom finish
• Largest aggressively treaded tyres from the Motor Company: 150 mm front and 180
mm rear
• Dual disc front brakes
• 13.2 litre fuel tank
• 15kg weight reduction to previous model
• Inverted 43mm cartridge style front forks
• Optional: Milwaukee-Eight 114 Engine
• Priced from $27,495 AUD and $28,750 NZD rideaway.

2018 Fat Bob Milwaukee-Eight
2018 Fat Bob Milwaukee-Eight

Street Bob®
A bare-bones bike with go-anywhere DNA, the Street Bob motorcycle has a fists-in-the-wind
attitude with nothing extra to weigh it down.
• Smooth-top 13.2 litre fuel tank
• Black spoke wheels with chopped fenders
• Low-profile riser-mounted digital instrument screen
• 7kg weight reduction to previous model
• Lowest rideaway RRP in Softail range
Priced from $23,495 AUD and $24,495 NZD rideaway.

2018 Street Bob Milwaukee-Eight
2018 Street Bob Milwaukee-Eight

• Unique Daymaker Signature LED Headlamps on all models
• Improved electrical system charging, more than doubled at idle speeds
• Easily adjustable rear shock pre-load settings (method varies by model)
– Under seat spanner wrench: Softail Slim, Street Bob, Low Rider
– External hand adjustment knob: Fat Bob, Fat Boy, Breakout
– Under seat socket adjustment: Deluxe, Heritage Classic
• New instrumentation
• Keyless ignition and security system standard remains standard from previous
• Steering head mounted USB charge port
• New fuel tanks

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