Hamilton Island Air – Heart Reef and Whitehaven


On a recent trip to Hamilton Island we were lucky enough to be able to go for a helicopter flight with Hamilton Island Air out to the Reef and Whitehaven Beach. The amazing staff at Hamilton Island Air were able to reschedule our flights due to poor weather, and we finally got a nice day.

We were picked up by a private van from the resort and on the drive to the airport, we watched the safety briefing so once on the tarmac it was all go.

Once we were in the air the views were just sensational. As we gained altitude off the left was Dent Island, and you can see the road heading up to a world class Golf Course and restaurant that offer daily lunch with a short boat ride from the Marina.

The higher we climbed the view just got better and better, along with aircraft passing below us bringing in more holiday makers on approach to Hamilton Island Airport.

Travelling at an average speed of 200km/h, this little “Robinson 44” took us over some beautiful Whitsunday Islands, across approximately 70km of ocean, out to Reef World and the world famous “Heart Reef”.


Once at Reef world, you can see the long and deep, natural channel that passes between 2 reefs. This is perfect to allow for the large Reef boats bringing out hoards or sight see ers, to be able to come and moor close enough to the reef to allow everyone to safely view and snorkel the reef, but without compromising the health and safety of the precious coral.

There is not many more iconic reefs than this one, Heart Reef appears in almost every brochure of Australia worldwide, and you can see why. This magnificent reef in the shape of a heart, is absolutely breathtaking as we circle around it.


Leaving the reef behind we cross over a busy shipping channel enroute to Whitehaven Beach where we will have an hour to picnic and explore.

Our very skillful pilot landed us safely on Whitehaven beach, and whilst we were grabbing some photos he set up a picnic rug and a sun shade, and then wandered off to leave us alone with our picnic, bottle of bubbles and the beautiful beach.

Departing Whitehaven Beach, you can see the damage the tropical cyclone Debbie created not long ago. The vegetation is still recovering, as is many of the East facing buildings on Hamilton Island itself. But even though the Island is still recovering, you wouldn’t know it on the island, with the amazing amenities and great restaurants and bars.

Heading back to base, we fly past the Reef View Resort that we are staying in, and get a completely different perspective of the view.

Passing the secluded and luxurious “Qualia” and behind that on the hill it “One Tree Hill” which is perfect for a hike, of catch a bus there for a cheeky glass of wine watching a sunset.

Finally, the Yacht Club and Marina as we descend back to real life again.

I’d like to thank Hamilton Island Air for having us, and for all the staff of Hamilton Island Air, from the booking staff right through to the Pilot, it was a superb morning, and the perfect way to end our holiday.



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