Sydney’s Best Roads for Driving and Riding – Kangaroo Valley

Today’s drive started in the town of Bowral in the Southern Highlands of NSW. I headed down the Hume Highway from Sydney bright and early on my day off with a plan to have a nice breakfast in Bowral and then run across through Fitzroy Falls, Kangaroo Valley, up over Berry Mountain and then down into Berry.

Breakfast started at the lovely “Hunger Therapy” cafe on the main street of Bowral. This is a regular breakfast stop for me when driving or riding in these areas, food is always great, good coffees and a friendly smile.


After leaving Bowral I headed out of town to Fitzroy Falls, this first section is pretty straight forward, just beautiful country highway roads with a little trucking traffic but relatively free. The autumn morning was so crisp, clean air, blue skies and the land is quite lush through there at the moment.

Fitzroy Falls was absolutely spectacular, a short walk out to the viewing platform and the falls are right there. I must admit that I’m a chicken when it comes to heights, so i had my wobbly legs on as I walked to the edge of the lookout. Haha.

Even if you are only passing through, Fitzroy Falls is a must!!


After leaving Fitzroy Falls I grabbed a quick coffee at an old Service Station called “Falls Cafe”, the meat pies smelt amazing but having only just had breakfast the coffee will do.


From the Falls cafe, my next stop was in Kangaroo Valley itself. The roads start to get windier and steeper and loads of fun, and then as you turn to cross the river you get your first sight of the beautiful old bridge called Hampden Bridge.


The last leg of this drive was from Kangaroo Valley, via Kangaroo Valley Road, across Berry Mountain arriving to the Highway just South of Berry. This section of road was super windy and single lane, but was also quite a rough road, plenty of pot holes but still buckets of fun and plenty of smiles.


To learn more about this drive from Bowral, through Kangaroo valley to Berry, watch our video below.

Please also share our stories and help us get more people involved.

Hussla GT’s for the Mazda MX5

So it’s taken me 6 months, I couldn’t  decide what wheels I wanted for my project MX5.

Do I go light weight  track wheel?

Maybe a nice show wheel?

Black? Chrome? So many decisions and choices.

So I came to the conclusion that when I do track days Ill use a track wheel, so for cruising around I can choose something that  I really like  to look of.

This is when I found the Hussla GT wheel at Ozzy Tyres Rockdale.

The Hussla GT had a beautiful chrome rim with a silvery/black spokes, and it really sets the car off nicely.

The team at Ozzy Tyres in Rockdale were absolutely fantastic from the start to the finish, and I’ll definitely be back to get my Isuzu D Max onto new rubber.

Not only did they install wheels and balance, but they did a full wheel alignment as well, and it certainly needed  it.

Check out the video below of the install and tell me what you think.

Inaugural Good Friday Royal National Park drive

On Good Friday this year we ran our first SCAR (Sydney Coupes and Roadsters) drive through the Royal National Park.

I set up the SCAR social driving group to allow many people with similar passions and similar cars to get together for drives, a laugh and coffee or drinks.

This run, it was just myself in my 2003  Madza MX-5 roadster and Daz in his BMW Z4M coupe.

Heading south through the park was quite a slow trip being a public holiday, loads of cyclists and learner drivers and the odd Highway Patrol….but after a coffee and a bite to eat at the Bald Hill lookout, heading north was a relatively clear run carving through the twisties driving our cars the way they were designed to be driven.

This was the first of many drives so keep in touch with us for more information.

There is no fee to be a part of SCAR, the only requirement is to have a car passion, a good attitude and not be a dickhead when driving. We love spirited driving but it’s not cool to put others safety at risk.


MX5 love affair

Last year after closing down my business and going back to  a “real job” I suddenly had some spare cash and a whole  lot of spare time. So I decided I needed to get myself a mid life crisis project.

I had 2 choices……a Harley or an MX5. I chose the MX5 so my wife could spend more time with me.

So after buying this little Mazda MX 5, I absolutely fell in love with it, and this style of motoring. The light weight body, the nimbleness in the corners, reminded me of driving Go-carts when I was young. Although I was having a ball, I was disappointed in the lack of horsepower that these little Roadsters had, so I researched Superchargers, Turbo chargers, and anything else that will make it go quicker. But by the time I have all the information together, I came to the conclusion that for my usage of the MX 5, I simply don’t need more power. It i capable of doing everything I want it to do. And I love it.

I joined the MX 5 club of NSW and have enjoyed drives with them, but many of my friends own Coupes and other sports cars, so this I decided to form Sydney Coupes and Roadsters (SCAR), so there is the ability for a broader group of cars to be able to drive with us.

SCAR is simply a social group of car enthusiasts that get together, go for drives, grab some food and have a laugh.

If you have a Coupe, or a Roadster or Sports car, please contact us, find us on Facebook and Instagram, and come driving with us.





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